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latino-arab artist & ‘slow-down’ activist

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the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.

—Toni Cade Bambara



Publicado: 2021-04-18Rodrigo Ghattas “(K)he nos queda”? Para empezar, quizás una autocrítica sobre nuestro envolvimiento en la participación ciudadana y política del país. Qué hemos hecho más allá de las predeterminadas expectativas del actual sistema hypercapitalista (paga impuestos, haz más plata, auto-explótate, se conchudo, se egoísta, etc.)? Hemos acaso, si quiera, tratado de entrenar nuestro pensamientoContinue reading “(K)HE NOS QUEDA?”

ECHO-SWING | talk series

Gatherings with/by/for Granavollen’s women-run volunteer art network Over the course of 22 gatherings in 2021, a group of six women volunteers, a handful of collaborators, and an artist will gather biweekly to reflect on the core issues of the history and influence of women-run volunteer art networks in rural Norway. We initiate informal discussions onContinue reading “ECHO-SWING | talk series”

ECHO-SWING | prelude

Echo-swing | Prelude encompasses the first stage of a two-year artistic research project; a series of talks/gatherings in 2021 and a group of three swing-sculptures in Granavollen public spaces. The swings are preceded by efforts on research, community engagement, community design workshops, and a series of academic events—on the history and influence of women-run volunteerContinue reading “ECHO-SWING | prelude”


Verdensrommet is an artist-led grassroots and mutual support network for non-EU and international artists and cultural workers based in Norway. We do art and political activism, guidance, advocacy, creative networks, and provide tools to strengthen interdiasporic art practices. Addressing critical migratory, economic, and labor concerns of this arts community. The network was established in MarchContinue reading “VERDENSROMMET | history”

CARE DAY | Ecology of Care

Care Day is a continuation of an intimate practice-based research started as a part of Culture for Solidarity in June 2020 by Ecology of Care (Sofia Cartuccia, Djuro Grdinic, Lina Issa and myself). Back then, we built a collective methodology that now serves as a ground for further exploration on current social urgencies such asContinue reading “CARE DAY | Ecology of Care”

CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil

written by Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez I must start this writing by acknowledging, and helplessly admitting a cynical and adventurous blend [for the purpose of this writing] of the political views of five of my must-read authors: Peruvian intellectual, essayist and poet Sebastián Salazar Bondy; Canadian writer and activist AK Thompson; French novelist, pro-revolt, and political activistContinue reading “CIVIL IMPOTENCE & ART | on Peru’s new political turmoil”

COLECTIVO INICIATIVA CIUDADANA – DIÁLOGO CIUDADANO | ep.66 identidad vs colonización cultural desde el arte urbano

Coach Renzo Cárdenas entrevista a Rodrigo Ghattas, máster en gestión del arte y espacio urbano, artista visual independiente, organizador de artes comunitarias, con raíces peruano-palestinas. Quien desde Noruega, en su practica artística, explora la inteligencia colectiva comunitaria, la escultura relacional, y las prácticas de cuidado-mutuo y atención multidireccional en el espacio público. Además, es co-fundadorContinue reading “COLECTIVO INICIATIVA CIUDADANA – DIÁLOGO CIUDADANO | ep.66 identidad vs colonización cultural desde el arte urbano”

RESOURCE DOCUMENT | on non-EU artists’ immigration, covid-19 & professional life

written by Rodrigo Ghattascommissioned by UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund) The economic implications by the Coronavirus outbreak has severely hit the already precarious situation of many artists in Norway, in particular non-European artists. Most exhibitions, projects, art residencies, and other artistic and cultural events have been cancelled. Leaving the artists with no source of income. ForContinue reading “RESOURCE DOCUMENT | on non-EU artists’ immigration, covid-19 & professional life”

MACHAQMARA | Civic Art House

We are working hard to ensure that Peruvian artists continue to thrive and work in the aftermath of a world’s pandemic that has placed us all in a crossroad. Machaqmara’s Civic Art House proposes the first social housing project for artists in the country, located in Punta Negra district in Lima. Artists, like everyone else,Continue reading “MACHAQMARA | Civic Art House”

THE UNION | open call

The Union is offering an artist-in-residence program “Hjemmefra/low-residency” for Norway-based visual artists working or wanting to stop working in various creative fields to stay at home and to engage in non-creation, non-production, non-thematic and non-research residency activities. The residency will offer an intimate space for reflection at the intersection of art and life practices. The online initiativeContinue reading “THE UNION | open call”

VERDENSROMMET : SIGN THE PETITION | support non-eu artists in Norway

We, artists, art students, and cultural workers from non-EU/EEA countries, currently living and working in Norway, ask for your support as we demand that the Norwegian government ensures our safety and survival through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are specialized workers with temporary residence permits, from jobseeker visas to research and self-employment visas. While COVID-19 hasContinue reading “VERDENSROMMET : SIGN THE PETITION | support non-eu artists in Norway”


Kunsthall Trondheim, Kulturtanken and Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Trondheim invite artists to create an art project for children and young people, developed over a specific period of time at Kunsthall Trondheim. The Cultural Schoolbag ensures that children and young people throughout the country get to experience art. Here, visual art is underrepresented and this is importantContinue reading “KUNSTHALL TRONDHEIM | DKS testlab”

READING TIME | in conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk

These words are transcribed from a 49-minute recorded conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk, in a coffee shop in the city of Oslo on Friday the 2nd of February 2018. This conversation has been edited for use on this website.[…](Starting with Stephen Wright’s notion of “usership”) C.E-T: Is that concept talking to you somehow?R.G: Spectatorship —as opposedContinue reading “READING TIME | in conversation with Camilla Eeg-Tvebakk”

READING TIME | letter to ‘Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future’ organizers (OCA)

Dear you (OCA team), A few days have passed since last time we saw each other; dear Nik, thank you for synchronizing your well-formed vertical laying for hours, so I could surf a tsunami of knowledge from the comfiness of my seat. Dear Katya, thank you, your heated words dried the coldness of the morningContinue reading “READING TIME | letter to ‘Imaginary Leaps into a Decanonized Future’ organizers (OCA)”

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre

PRAKSIS’s eighth residency, Curating the social: Meet me at the empty centre, has been developed with curator and writer Natasha Marie Llorens and Norsk Kuratorforening (The Norwegian Association of Curators). Eight participants will explore examine the curator’s role in facilitating social practice in contemporary art, foregrounding the ethical questions of their involvement. Meet and learn aboutContinue reading “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | curating the social: meet me at the empty centre”

KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet

“i dette ingenmannslandet” (“this no-man’s-land”) is a four-day ritualized journey, a repetitive intent in which the artist wanders around Kjerringøy trying to find the “right place”, his place in this remote Norwegian countryside. Based on Knut Hamsun’s novel “Markens Grøde” (“Growth of the Soil”) (1917) and its protagonist Isak, Ghattas stops here and there toContinue reading “KJERRINGØY BIENNALE 2017 | i dette ingenmannslandet”

THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED | something might happen

#1: “Something might happen“—Maria Sundby Friday 26th April, 16:00 – 19:00What if we were to design new ways of interacting and expressing ourselves in public space? Something might happen is an interactive performance designed by The Institute of the Unexpected’ first guest artist Maria Sundby. The performance invites you to dive into close observation ofContinue reading “THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED | something might happen”


#3: “feeling the city“— Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad (BodyCartography Project) Saturday 15th June, 13:00 – 16:00 Feeling the city is the third workshop in the series of The Institute of the Unexpected. In this workshop, Olive and Otto invite participants to enter their animal-like appetites and childlike curiosities for physical investigation through engagement withContinue reading “THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED | feeling the city”


Citizens, passersby, and Oslo-dwellers! Mark your calendars for free monthly workshop-events at The Institute of the Unexpected!Take a deep dive into the themes of the project, exploring ways that non-artists and artists have reimagined the relationship between body, movement, public space, everyday life, and citizenship. About_The Institute of the Unexpected is an art project asContinue reading “THE INSTITUTE OF THE UNEXPECTED”

TRAUST | MFA degree exhibition 2018 / Oslo National Academy of the Arts

This year’s degree exhibition presents work by 24 graduating students from eleven countries. Five graduating students are from the MFA program Art and Public Space and 19 graduating students are from the MFA program Medium and Material Based Art. Their exhibition is titled Traust and its main venue is the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. ThereContinue reading “TRAUST | MFA degree exhibition 2018 / Oslo National Academy of the Arts”

DISCONTINUOS MANY-FESTOS\\from an unrepentant&dissident artist\\to a continuos apathetic field of art

\\space\\rhythms\\habiter\\living has its own grammar\\inhabiting as an art\\modes of dwelling\\place of imagination in the everyday\\referential and the fictional\\interactive elements\\you have misperceived my work until you get to know me\\experiential reality\\alternative to Stalinism\\Guy Debord\\popular culture\\traverses, the interdisciplinary journal of the Centre Pompidou\\Ben Highmore, everyday life and cultural theory intractable matter of the everyday\\mundane social life\\being ordinary\\nomadic displacement\\spheresContinue reading “DISCONTINUOS MANY-FESTOS\\from an unrepentant&dissident artist\\to a continuos apathetic field of art”

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